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The following papers, presentations, and blog reprints have been authored by Napa Consulting Group. These documents are downloadable for FREE. You are FREE to download, print, and share these files. We ask you to follow copyright laws and not attempt to change or claim them as your own original work. Please contact us if you have any questions.


wom viral marketing Word of Mouth Marketing Techniques
Presentation. 2007 workshop. One of the most popular presentations on the topic of WOMM and viral marketing.
download (PDF, 2.70 MB)  Viewed 180,431
e-marketing Principles of Internet Marketing
Presentation. 2007 workshop. Overview of e-marketing.
download (PDF, 1.47MB)  Viewed 55,506
marketing trends Marketing Trends
Presentation. 2007 MTDC workshop. Impact of social media, blogs, and WOMM.
download (PDF, 1.65MB)  Viewed 32,024
strategy primer Strategy Formulation Primer
Presentation. Overview of strategy formulation.
download (PDF, 128 KB)
Why so many products fail Innovator's Dilemma
White paper. 2005. According to studies, 90% to 97% of all new products fail. A look at some common mistakes.
download (PDF, 252KB)
p2p Implications of P2P on Communication
White paper. 2004. Implications of peer-to-peer networking on communication and telecom industry.
download (PDF, 76.3 KB)  

advantages of open innovation Advantages of Open Innovation
Blog reprint. 2007. Advantages of open innovation and open business models such as software as a service (SaaS).
download (PDF, 258 KB)  view in HTML

Google Android Google & Open Movement Smash Verizon's Walled Garden
Blog reprint. 2007. How open movement reduces barriers to closed industries, networks, and accelerates innovation.
download (PDF, 258 KB)  view in HTML


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