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Napa Consulting Group provides affordable tier I business management and marketing management consulting services for clients without a Fortune 1000 budget or armies of full time MBAs on staff. Our scale, focus, and flexibility translates into cost savings for our clients. We can tackle both highly customized initiatives or take on outsourced projects. Moreover, we have practical knowledge and experience raising venture capital, building start-ups, achieving market leadership, conceiving entirely new classes of products, and creating entirely new markets. Napa Consulting Group's principal, Kameran Ahari has a proven track-record and market leadership at building companies and conceiving entirely new market segments. We help clients tackle a variety of business challenges on consultative, interim, project based, or outsourced contract basis. Our fundamental mission is to demonstrate strategic partnership with our high performance clients by helping them maximize shareholder value, competitive advantage, agility, global competitiveness, and market leadership by facilitating frictionless inter-exchange of information between customers, knowledge workers, and supply chain partners transparently across e-Business systems networked through intranets, extranets, and the Internet transparent to the user device or environment. Our goal is to help our clients gain a new source of competitive advantage and a sustainable strategy.







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