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Napa Consulting is a business consulting firm providing strategic management consulting and strategic marketing advisory to clients seeking highly customized initiatives. In addition to our consulting services, we can provide a variety of marketing and planning related initiatives in a virtual outsourced basis. We can work independently or along with your existing team on a variety of business challenges, special projects, strategic plans, E-marketing plans, marketing deliverables / activities, and assume interim management functions.  Helping customers leverage the Internet to capture new sources of competitive advantage. Our advisory services encompass strategy formulation, business consulting, management consulting, marketing planning, product innovation, and guaranteed performance based execution. We work closely with clients seeking to leverage the internet and emerging technologies to create sustainable sources of competitive advantage. Independent strategy and marketing consultant to technology based enterprises, start-ups, and venture backed initiatives in the Washington DC and Mid-Atlantic region. Providing practical analysis and advice based on years of experience in the high tech industry.  We help organizations develop and implement high impact strategic initiatives.  Our services are tailored to the client’s specific needs.  Our clients include large enterprises, start-up ventures, and network operators in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, New York, and Mid-Atlantic region.


Napa Consulting Group, Marketing consultant, strategic planning, management consulting to clients in Virginia Maryland Washington DC New York NY

Marketing and strategic planning.

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