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"Kameran is a very bright individual, with a special skill of simplifying complex concepts and technologies." - Stephen Forte, CEO, & Founder of Ascendent Systems 1998-2005 (A Division of RIM)

"Kameran has a rare and valuable combination of industry experience, education, and perspective, which comes from having been in a strategic role at one of the early VoIP players..." - Andy Voss, President, CEO, & Founder of Sansay and Co-Founder of Nuera Communications

"Mr. Ahari was instrumental in conceiving the cornerstone of our flagship products." - Raj Sharma, President, CEO, & Co-Founder of NexTone Communications

"Kameran knows the networking industry very well. He has a strong analytical skills that he can combine with both his technical and business experience to provide a strategic approach to solving a specific problem." - Francois Le, VP International Sales Tropos Networks


Kameran Ahari
Kameran Ahari - Leading management consulting firm and strategy consultant .
Kameran Ahari, founder and principal of Napa Consulting Group, has more than 20 years experience in the high-tech industry helping notable multinational companies such as 3Com and early stage organizations conceive, position, and market innovative award winning data networking solutions.
Kameran has held a number of senior level positions with multinational and start-up organizations.  He routinely conducts strategic planning sessions for CEOs, Board of Directors, and sits on the Advisory Board of a number of venture-backed companies.

Kameran has been in the forefront of technology based networking vendors with leadership roles in the area of marketing and product strategy. He holds a B.S. in Engineering - BSEE - from Northeastern University and post graduate studies in business management - MBA - with distinguished honors at University of Maryland.

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